Sunday Hideout

All things secretly beautiful for a nice Sunday hideout.

Advices always ask you to get people to talk about themselves,

to get the conversation flowing, to get to know them.

To a point, I’d stop abruptly when I was talking about myself.

I was thinking, wait - I have to ask them about themselves.

Not me, I’m not interesting enough to keep the conversation going.

"Most of the differences that we hold to be so significant are accidental byproducts of geography and history. They’re superficial — merely different cultural flavors of the same overarching, candy-coated humanity."

Recently, I’ve been hooked on this website.

This guy writes so beautifully and so dearly.

How to stay interested in something, for long.

Someone, please teach me.

Often, I had this indescribable, 

overwhelming feeling stirring in my heart,

every time I was on a bus ride in a unfamiliar city.

Overwhelmed by how vast this world is.

In a love-hate relationship

with my job.

Times like this

Waking up at 4am,

thinking about all the shit that has happened

during work.

I wonder if it’s all worth it.

I just can’t find anything

I enjoy doing.

Time to master the art of wayang-ing.

"Everyone has excellent ideas

floating everywhere.

The key is to,

find a solution, solve a problem.”

Come Monday I will be doing

something I think I may like it

and continue doing it.

Keep my fingers crossed.

At times like this, I really love my job.

Coming in to nice and clean room,

with beds done up.

All I need to do, is to

let loose.

The day seems ultra long when you woke up at 6 a.m.

I have all these little ideas in my head,

just need a little push and

some motivations to keep these devils afloat.